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Do you have a dream that you just can't get off the ground? Does your life need a new chapter but you aren't sure where to start? Are you stuck in a rut and need blasted free?

If your answer was "yes" or "maybe" to any of the above questions then you need a visit into Mel's positive world! Regardless of your political views, you'll find her engaging style will give you courage to follow your dreams and grasp victory!

If you want the hard, no-BS truth about your life then you've sought help in the right place. Mel doesn't pull punches and her advice isn't for the easily offended. Though I disagree with large amounts of profanity, I have found meaningful thoughts for my own life in her videos.

Thank you, Mel, for helping me in my own journey!

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Stephanie Lyn

Narcissim is running rampant across the world and especially the USA as our beautiful country moves into unseen realms of prosperity and wealth. There are varying degrees of this personality disorder but each one leaves victims behind, trying to pick up the pieces.

Stephanie is a sweet, senstive woman shining light on manipulation, abuse and how to escape these toxic relationships. Also, she provides resources for romantic break-ups, depression, anxiety and single life.

Thank you, Stephanie, for helping me in my own journey!

Sweet Encouragement

Thoughts that have helped me in my darkest moments...

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Jessi Brooklyn isn't paid nor does she receive profit from her recommendations.

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