I hope you try these free resources and let me know how it is helping you to live a better, gentler, amazing existence. You are special, just the way you are and I want to hear from you. Every person possesses the ability to change the world although most choose not to follow their dreams. Start small and do your best. The rest will come.

Happy Color.PNG

A fabulous, colorful, enjoyable, relaxing app that can be played after a hard day's work or after a challenging holiday dinner. This app has provided comfort to me on many tough days. Especially, it has helped my mind to shut off after a stressful day. I play the app for a few minutes before bed most nights. For those moments, my world winds down into a colorful universe that pauses to await my return.


A few innocent ads will be played before each new picture begins but there is no payment asked for or required. Enjoy without worry!



This game is only available

as a mobile app.

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