Cleopatra: A Queen For The Ages

Beautiful. Clever. Sexy. Intelligent. Perfect. Iconic.

Needless to say, Elizabeth Taylor was born for the role of Cleopatra. Only she could deliver her buttery, royal lines with such elegant, unassuming grace. This movie ranks among my top epic picks. At just over four hours long, this viewing experience is certainly breathtaking and awe-inspiring! If you are in the mood for a long, colorful, star-studded chick flick then Cleopatra is perfect for a delightful evening. Whether viewed with a special someone or by yourself, this classic is sure to please with its flashy cocktail of love, tragedy and redemption.

Now, there is one thing that I must make perfectly clear before we proceed. The plot is not historically accurate in its entirety and shouldn't be watched for that reason. If one keeps that in mind, the story is delightfully fun and engaging. Cleopatra is a world of queens, emperors and generals, each vying for power in a political climate charged with gold, jewels, sex and war.

Beginning in 48 B.C., the story opens with Julius Cesar(Rex Harrison) surveying a battlefield littered with Roman dead. He discovers that his enemy, Pompey, has fled like a coward to Egypt, seeking refuge from his wrath. Cesar arrives on Egyptian soil with his legions, prepared to rip Pompey from the royal palace. He discovers his adversary has been beheaded to please and appease him, the arriving conqueror. Disgusted by the barbaric customs of Young King Ptolemy and the royal court, Cesar takes power, intending to restore order in Egypt.

Under the cover of darkness, Princess Cleopatra(Elizabeth Taylor) makes her understated entrance into this unfolding drama. She quickly shows herself to be a formidable ruler and clever negotiator. Taking back her palace with her sharp tongue and a dismissive toss of her head, she bewitches the older Julius.

In time, Cesar returns to his wars and leaves his queen lover behind. Years later, she arrives in Rome amid a magnificent parade of exotic splendor. She catches the eye of Cesar's right-hand, Marc Antony(Richard Burton).

Then the greatest love story of all time truly begins...

Join Elizabeth Taylor, Rex Harrison, Richard Burton, Martin Landau, Roddy McDowall & many more for this all-star casting of Cleopatra !

Please DO watch this movie soon and let me know what you thought! Or if Cleopatra is one of your favorites too, be sure to share your fondest memories. Come back often for more ClassicTV suggestions along with the many other goodies on my website.

Once again, this is Jessi Brooklyn signing off. Have a beautiful day, my friends!

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