Go High, Don't Give Up

I recently bought Kelly Clarkson's album, The Meaning of Life, and this is my favorite song from that album. Whether you are still in high school or have been working for thirty-plus years, bullies are unfortunately common.

A bully doesn't have to be the stereotypical toilet-dunking twelve-year-old picking on a smaller kid. A bully is anyone who needs to oppress in order to validate themselves. These insecure, overbearing people are everywhere, in every school and workplace. With just a glance, a glare or a snide remark, they can make you feel tiny, worthless and invisible.

If you have been dealing with a bully of your own, listen to this song and take hope from the lyrics.

The album is available in various formats across the Internet.

Enjoy this music, relax and have a beautiful day!

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