I Had Breakfast At Tiffany's

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Loosely based on Truman Capote's novel, Breakfast At Tiffany's(1961) enchants with a classic blend of fashion, mystery, humor and romance.

A young woman, Holly Golightly(Hepburn), resides in a blossoming, 1940s New York City, full of adventure and posh parties. A struggling writer, Paul Varjack(George Peppard) moves into her apartment building and the two quickly strike up a close friendship. Not quite a romance but not quite chaste either. Through his eyes, we follow the mysterious Holly who finds a “few dollars” here and there while keeping company with rich, older men. Essentially, she is an chic escort who charms everyone in sight with her sweet and innocent outlook on life.

I recently watched this little gem for the first time...and then had to watch it twice more. I was so sorry that I had waited! The movie is an iconic reminder of an age gone by, in a time when moviegoers could watch a spellbinding drama unfold without worrying when a sex scene was going to pop up out of nowhere. I see this film embodying the excitement of a country just coming out of WWII and the relief of a grateful nation. Holly's grace and elegance streams across the screen like warm sunshine thrown across an old carpet. At first, she appears immensely confident, extroverted and untouchable but then we begin to see the lonely, heartbroken child inside. Avoiding attachment at all costs, she even refuses to give a proper name to her beloved cat. She has run all her life from feeling love but those years are about to catch up.

When one runs from their past, one's future seems empty and hopeless.

Join Audrey Hepburn, George Peppard, Patricia Neal, Buddy Ebsen & Mickey Rooney for this all-star casting of Breakfast At Tiffany's!

Please DO watch this movie soon and let me know what you thought! Or if BAT's is one of your favorites too, be sure to share your fondest memories. Come back often for more ClassicTV suggestions along with the many other goodies on my website.

Have a beautiful day!

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