Marietta: Ohio's First Adventure

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Last weekend, I visited the quaint, lovely, picturesque town of Marietta, Ohio. Full of history, delicious restaurants and abundant hotels, Marietta is the PERFECT place to spend a weekend or longer. After a hard week, I decided to get away just for myself. I booked a room at the affordable Baymont-By-Wyndham hotel a few days in advance and looked forward to the trip immensely. Thursday night, I packed my suitcase and loaded up my Honda Coupe for a relaxing two days off.

That Friday was soooo long at work, let me tell you!

When I was finally allowed to clock out, I got on the road. Traveling from Marysville along SR 37 through Granville and along I-70 then down I-77, I soaked in the scenery. Jamming to my pop music, I opened The Puma's sunroof and breathed in clean, southern air.

Tears sprang to my eyes when the aroma of fresh pine wafted under my nose as I drew closer to West Virginia. Something about this scent touches a deep part of my heart. Pine is the comforting aroma of history and wraps me in the companionship of our ancestors. I can hear their voices speaking, reminding me that the world is so much bigger than myself. These thoughts kept me company as I drove through Zanesville and entered Marietta.

Tired after a day at work and a three-hour drive, I checked into my hotel and settled in for the night. The outside might not look like much but the price was very affordable and I decided to give it a try. I was rewarded well!

My Room

The hotel also had a few surprises in store, such as The Pioneer Tavern, a quaint bar with a relaxed, friendly atmosphere to enjoy a cocktail. I ordered my first screwdriver ever and enjoyed it immensely, as well as the conversation with other hotel guests.

Saturday dawned sunny though a bit nippy at forty-one degrees. The fall day was perfect for sightseeing and I set off after a scrumptious breakfast.

First, I visited The Lafayette Hotel, located in historic downtown Marietta by the Williamstown-Marietta Bridge which carries I-77 across The Ohio River. Before having lunch at the hotel, I enjoyed the river scenery, more beautiful than I could have imagined. Particularly, this majestic river captures my imagination. As I snapped photo after photo, I imagined being a settler's wife traveling up the river on a steamboat. I thought about all the thousands of hopefuls who had traversed this river and I was thankful for their courage. Without them, The USA wouldn't exist...

The Lafayette Hotel

The Williamstown-Marietta Bridge

After a delicious cod fillet sandwich at the hotel's lounge/bar, I drove five minutes away to The Castle House, a fantastic museum, gift shop and tour! Definitely a five-star location and I highly recommend this excursion! I learned so much about Marietta and the 19th century. No doubt, I'll use this information for my latest book!

The Castle House

Peaceful and relaxed, I left Marietta on Sunday morning while the historical churches filled with worshipers and restaurants served an Ohio, country breakfast. With tearful regret, I merged onto I-77 and left this beautiful haven behind to collect more history and await my return.

Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day, full of hope and possibilities!

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