Pacer's Inn--A Hidden Treasure

Throughout my writing career, I have felt the need to get away from work and reality and connect with myself again. I have visited many quiet, serene locations to renew my creative spirit. From southern Ohio to Lake Tahoe, Nevada, I've traveled far and wide in the United States. This charming inn, located in Delaware, Ohio, is one of my favorite haunts.

In fact, each of my historical romance books have met their endings while I was cozied(not sure if that's a word) up in one of Pacer Inn's comfortable suites. Here's the latest room I stayed in just a couple months ago when I finished White Fir Lodge: A Holiday Tale...

Just minutes from the beautiful, historical district of Delaware and a wide selection of fantastic restaurants, the Inn holds a special charm. The enterprising owners keep the Inn running strong despite all the competition from hotel chains. They are friendly and helpful with whatever I need and will take good care of you as well. The prices are more than affordable and I haven't found such quality elsewhere.

Coupled with The El Vaquero Restaurant attached to the main building, Pacer's Inn & Suites is perfect for a fun, romantic evening or a date with yourself! Make a reservation and enjoy your stay in this hidden treasure!

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