Stay Beautiful by Taylor Swift

Cheerful and loving, this sweet song is one of tender admiration for a crush.

Who among us haven't had a special someone who we greatly admired but wasn't at liberty to speak? Every TV show or romantic comedy out there has had a wistful character pining after love. Sweet, romantic and gentle, this song will put a spring into your dance step! It's also good for grabbing a partner and waltzing around your living room. Since I don't have a man in my life right now, I grab my cat, Teddy, for a spin. He's the best dancing partner, if I will be honest, because he won't complain.

Listen to this song for any occasion whether its a party, you're cooking in the kitchen or having a romantic evening!

Included in Taylor Swift's first album, "Taylor Swift", this song is available for purchase anywhere online or listen for free on YouTube.

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