The Joy of Bob Ross

Happy trees, whooshing waterfalls and pretty sunsets sang across my television and my six-year-old heart was captured.

Growing up, I loved Bob Ross and luxuriated in his calm voice and beautiful paintings. I still enjoy watching his freckled hands effortlessly brush out another masterpiece. His life stories(especially about his mother) are delightful and reminds me to enjoy the precious moments in life. Money isn't everything and Bob lived this wisdom. He wanted to bring joy to millions of TV viewers. Young or old, his show, "The Joy of Painting" provides a safe space to enjoy art and the more innocent world seen through his eyes.

Most of his 25-minute episodes and 31 seasons can be found on YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and most other streaming outlets. I usually watch these gems on YouTube since its free but check out the other options and make your own choice.

Bob Ross Channel

"Happy painting and God bless, my friend!"

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