Your mind needs rest...

and here are a few resources to make that happen!

I have put together a list of motivational speakers and encouraging articles that have each helped me. Everyone's journey is different but this advice stands the test of time!

Do you need help? Are you feeling suicidal, depressed, unsure, sad, anxious or scared? Perhaps more than one of these emotions? Please click the link and keep reading...

Whether you require a soothing ambience to ease your sleep, a toe-tapping pop song for inspiration or beautiful study music, I have included enough recommendations for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

Nothing like a relaxing puzzle to sponge away worry and invite relaxation. Enjoy a wide variety of pictures and themes. Pick one, turn on some music or a movie and settle in for a good time!

Chess Game

Perhaps a game would suit your fancy right now? I have compiled a list of several that I play often. My favorite is Happy Color.