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Angelina, a girl  caught in time...

The funny thing about The Crimson Dagger was that I never intended to write a vampire novel. I enjoy watching vampire flicks just like any other 23-year-old but never became a diehard fan. I had watched the Twilight series and most of Vampire Diaries but something held me back from being an overwhelmed fan.


Being a writer, I enjoy defining a curiosity so that I may use the information for a new story or book. I discovered that the brutality conveyed through traditional vampire plots bothered me. I had trouble rooting for a hero/heroine who by definition was a serial killer. My mental gears started grinding, searching for a unique plotline. I wanted to incorporate a handsome Italian immigrant, Civil War history, an Ohio/Virginia setting and a beautiful, lonely vampire.


What I came up with turned into The Dagger as I affectionately call it. A plot starting out with a young man haunted by his past, this book takes several twists and ends with two hearts being healed. I hope you enjoy my first attempt at writing a bestseller. :) Every enterprising individual has to begin somewhere and this is my starting shot.

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Book Description

150 years ago, Angelina Dioli was cursed as a vampiress, thrust into a life she didn't want or deserve. Drifting from Europe to the United States, she followed bloody wars to sustain her thirst. Her quiet presence can be seen upon each battlefield but goes undetected. Her loneliness and misery deepens as she retreats further into herself, disgusted by her dangerous nature.

Living in the 1860s, Captain Dante Rustici carries a dark secret into battle...a haunting sin from his childhood. Upon a Civil War battlefield, death covers him and hope vanishes along with the gunsmoke. Mortally wounded, he prepares to die. Then an angel of the night discovers him. His true adventure begins at last, one which could lead toward either his ultimate death or happy future. His fate lies in the hands of a beautiful, mysterious savior.

Can our Angelina help a wounded soldier face his tragic, guilt-ridden past? Will she destroy him instead? Will he love her in return? Will his love be enough to break her curse?

Join them on this journey of love, passion and adventure! Watch as two hearts bleed for lost childhoods and yearn for a day when their pasts can be laid to rest. Peace is an elusive creature but perhaps not unattainable...only time will be the judge.