Adam Clayton, a cowboy by design...

My second book starring Adam Clayton, a wealthy rancher, actually had been started as a fanfiction story for Bonanza(1959-1973).


Being a huge fan of the show, I began this story for Adam, the eldest of Ben Cartwright's sons and my personal favorite character. However, the plot didn't work for him and I lost interest quickly. The story sat for two years while I worked on other projects, such as The Crimson Dagger.


One day after I had created this website, I wanted to depart my usual Gothic themes and pursue a happier tale. Instantly, I thought of the unfinished story that was sitting dusty in a laptop's hard drive.


My full-time job provides eight hours a day to think about my books and I put that time to good use. A tablet laid at my workstation. I jotted down notes and plot details for days. Adam Clayton was born and opened his eyes upon my writer's imagination. His smile captured my attention. His hazel eyes beseeched me for a story of his own. I couldn't resist.


White Fir Lodge: A Holiday Tale is Adam Clayton's story and his alone. I am satisfied with my hard work and I believe that Adam is contented as well. I plan on providing his origin story in another book, most likely entitled--White Fir Lodge: The Origin Story. This prequel book has not been published yet but you will know as soon as I have completed the work. I hope you enjoy spending time with Adam Clayton and his lovely wife, Victoria, as the holiday season draws near. White Fir Lodge stands warm and inviting, light flooding from its many windows. Adam opens the door and smiles a welcome. Come on in and meet Victoria, rosy-cheeked and happy. The couple are waiting so don't delay any longer!



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Book Description

Seven years ago, Adam Clayton and his two brothers traveled from Ohio and discovered silver outside Carson City, Nevada. With his share, Adam purchased a horse ranch and built White Fir Lodge upon the land. Together with his lovely wife, Victoria, he has built a privileged life for them within the shadow of the Sierra Nevada mountain range.




In the fall of 1866, on Thanksgiving, the couple prepares for a festive holiday season. However, family drama and past tragedy conspires to ruin the day. No matter what century, nothing changes. If only the couple could find a moment to share their deep secrets. Will their future look brighter afterward or will their hearts be torn apart by events beyond their control?